You might be thinking "what is a virtual assistant"? .  In this first post , i am going to answer this question.  A Virtual Assistant does almost anything that an administrative assistant does, except that we do it from our home offices and set our own hours.  We are either self-employed and have our own businesses or we can work for someone who needs this type of service.  We generally have a home office with all the essentials needed to perform our tasks.   We pay our own taxes and can get deductions for business expenses.  We generally save on commuting expenses as we only need to walk to wherever our office happens to be located.  So , what exactly do we need to do our work.  We use equipment that you find in an office setting. This would include a computer with a high-internet connection, the appropriate software such as Microsoft Office and accounting software.  We also would have a printer , fax machine and a telephone, both landline and mobile.   
What types of work do we actually perform?  We can do  data entry, phone work, transcription and Microsoft Office work.  See my services page  for more details.   We generally offer a list of services on our websites.   Our rates are generally offered either either in hourly blocks of time or by the hour.  We include retainers with our rates to ensure timeliness and quality of our work.
This is just a peek into the exciting VA industry and what  we can do for you

John Hardy
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