You may be wondering why I have an offer for a free tutorial on this website.   The reasoning is driving more traffic.   When someone visits this site, there has to be a reason to keep them here.  Free is the magic word.  When you give a free offer, it is an incentive for people to stay on your website and to find out more about about your services.  You want to make it something that will driive people to you and keep them there.   So you may ask, what should it be?   It can't be just anything, but rather something that is related to your services or business. if you had an ecommerce site, you would want a coupon for something either free or at a discount.
If you are offering a service, you might want to give away a free half-hour meeting or something along those lines.

So you may be asking , why do I have an offer for a free tutorial  on my website. Since I provide Microsoft Office services, if people would like to be able to learn more about the skills, I offer them a link to a website where they can download a copy of whatever program they desire.   For moe about my services check out my services page.

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